Rwanda and Uganda Primate trip, Mountain Gorilla and Chimpanzee – Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda

I have sorted out all my best Mountain Gorilla images. It was one of my best trip ever. Rwanda and Uganda are two excellent countries for traveling without mass tourism, very friendly people, great untouched nature, history, easy connections by plane, excellent lodges and hotels. My Uganda Getty images My Rwanda Getty images Accommodations – base Read More

Humpback Whale Buckelwal Sardine Run, Port St. Johns, Wild coast, South Africa

ThoughtCo, Top 10 Facts About Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises

There is a nice description in ThoughtCo, Science, Tech, Math, Animals and Nature, about Whales, Dolphins & Co. The breaching young humpback whale photo I have photographed during the Sardine run, Port St. Johns, Wild coast, South Africa. This juvenile humpback whale was so excited, the whale breached and breached and couldn’t stop. We don’t know the Read More

Heading to Uganda, Rwanda and Angola

Today I am starting an exceptional nature trip. Main purpose are the monkeys like gorillas, bonobos and Chimpanzees including the Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda. Finish this trip at the capital city of Angola – Luanda. The terrific flight tickets provide me the Star alliance – including Lufthansa and Ethiopian airlines. Fancy-pancy scheduling. Read More

Namibia expeditions, short visits in Cape town and Johannesburg, South Africa

Last year I have started to visit Namibia. I am really impressed about the scenery – Sossusvlei, Damaraland, Arandis and Etosha Nationalpark. The best spot and accommodation was the Mowani camp in Damaraland. Around Arandis, the Moon landscape area and Rössing Uranium Mine, Mad Max Fury Road was shotted. My next Namibia trip bings me to Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp Read More

Heading to Namibia and South Africa

Finally I am on the road again. Going on Safari around Namibia and couple of days in Cape town. Wilderness Safaris Journey African Safari Consultants Cape town table bay hotel 54 on bath hotel Johannesburg Read More

Short-Finned Pilot whales Azores Pico island Portugal

The Inquisitr magazine – New Whale Species Discovered In Alaska

The Inquisitr magazine reported about a new whale species belonging to the beaked whale family, proved by scientists on desolate Alaskan beaches. They use one of my best Long-finned pilot whales images, photographed near Pico island, Azores, Portugal. Long-Finned Pilot whales are very rare on underwater photographs. The long-finned pilot whale is a species of Read More

Dubai - Emirates Towers

My work at the traveling and leisure magazine

My work in travel and leisure … 16-Year-Old Stowaway Flew to Dubai in the Cargo Hold Read More

Uruguay, a prime Latin American vacation spot

My Uruguay getty images Ciudad Vieja Montevideo Uruguay, Primuseum, Pérez Castellano 1389 Ciudad Vieja Montevideo – Uruguay One of my favorite countries for vacation is Uruguay. Uruguay seems to be always something of an underdog. Between borders of Brazil and Argentina’s forefinger with the Río de la Plata, River of Silver, and the Atlantic ocean. The Read More

Andes - Chile

Finally on the road again – South America trip – Colombia, Chile and Uruguay

Tomorrow I will start a trip to South America. Colombia: Bogota Chile: Calama, Salar de Atacama, San Pedro de Atacama, Punta Arenas, Torres del Paine, Puerto Natales, Puerto Varas Uruguay: Montevideo, Punta del Este, Colonia del Sacramento, Cabo Colonia Read More

Long-finned pilot whale

Unlocking the secret world of whale dialects – Cosmos magazine – The science of Everything

The Cosmos magazine has made a article about whale dialects. They used my best Long-finned Pilot whale images – made near Pico island, Azores, Portugal. Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images  Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Read More

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