Colombia, Bogota, B.O.G. Hotel, The BOG

Colombia, Bogota, B.O.G. Hotel, The BOG

B.O.G. Hotel Bogota Colombia, Bogota, B.O.G. Hotel, The BOG Jens Kuhfs Colombia getty images Read More

Argentina, Chile and Tahiti French Polynesia – Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile, Easter Islands, Rangiroa, Papeete and Bora Bora

This trip was my longest and toughest ever. I flew Frankfurt – Buenos Aires – Santiago de Chile – Easter Islands – Papeete – Rangiroa/Bora Bora and back. I always prefer the way via South America to the South Pacific, despite Santiago de Chile and the Easter Islands are a bottleneck by LAN Chile. Otherwise Frankfurt – Read More

My Great White Shark photos in the Time Magazine

Articles in the Time Magazine with my Great White Shark images: The World’s Deadliest Place for Shark Attacks … In the War Between Sharks and People … ABCNEWS, Great White Shark, Jens Kuhfs I have photographed the Great White Shark in South Africa, Gansbaai. The operator and wrangler was Andre Hartmann – The Shark Whisperer. Andre Hartman, wikipedia Read More

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